David Morley Architects

Iury London


Iury graduated from the University of Kent with a BA(Hons) in Architecture. His final year thesis included the design and self-build of a sailing yacht, in timber and fiberglass.

He spent his first year out living in Thailand, working in sectors ranging from hospitality, leisure and sports. Within this period, he also assisted with the BaNa Hills Golf Course in Da Nang, Vietnam, as a Part 1 at MSystem Architecture.

While at Smallwood Architects he worked on bespoke high-end residential refurbishments to listed buildings, with contract sums ranging from 6M to 8M, and co-managed a high-end residential refurbishment while completing his Part 2 at Oxford Brookes University. He graduated in 2017 specialising in Sustainable Design, with research focused on biophilia and biomimicry, and an affinity for holistic design strategies that consider a cradle to cradle approach to building lifecycles.

Iury joined David Morley Architects in 2019 and is currently involved on a scheme development for Goldhill Baptist Church's new gathering and community space, and a six storey comprehensive refurbishment to provide a specialist facility for minimally-invasive day surgery and outpatient diagnostics for Ambulatory Surgery International. He is also currently completing his RIBA Part 3 Professional Diploma.