The Duke of Edinburgh and our Cricket Schools

We were honoured to have Prince Philip open three of our cricket schools. So much of what has been written in these past few days came across in our very brief encounters – a sharp witted man with unstinting enthusiasm for supporting young people. The first occasion at the Lord’s Indoor Cricket School was all a blur but the second opening I remember well. The Edgbaston Cricket Centre was a joint venture between us and Bryant Priest Newman. On being introduced to me and Mark Bryant the Duke of Edinburgh said to Mark: ”so you’re the one that does all the work” and to me “and you’re the one that gets all the glory”. Not true of course but either very sharp witted or very well briefed. The third occasion was at the opening of the National Cricket Academy in Loughborough where Prince Philip was circulating more freely – he came up to me and said “you must be the architect – I can tell by the horizontal stripes on your tie”.


Her Majesty the Queen opened our student residence for Oriel College and her mother opened our first building, the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth commenting graciously that the tall ceilings reminded her of her living room. I believe all three shared an understated passion for architecture and genuinely enjoyed opening new buildings and meeting the people that make them. To add to Prince Philip’s many other contributions, I would like to thank him for his part in helping the launch of David Morley Architects’ future in sport.


David Morley, Partner