David Morley Architects at the Wood Awards 2014

David Morley, Partner at David Morley Architects was honoured to be asked to present the Award for the Commercial and Public Access Category at the recent Wood Awards 2014, and then see the furniture in our Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre Building pick up the Award for best bespoke furniture.


Chair of the Wood Awards furniture judges, Sean Sutcliffe, said, “This has been another fascinating year for the Wood Awards. One particularly interesting aspect has been to look at the understanding developing between bespoke furniture and design for manufacture – to see how exactly designers are growing to understand the simplification of process that is needed for manufacture and how that can be coupled with quality of design, detailing and materials. On the other hand, there is enormous pleasure when one encounters the creativity, aesthetic understanding, craftsmanship and, often, restraint, that goes into the best bespoke pieces.”