The London 2012 Water Polo Arena is deconstructed

It was tremendously uplifting to be part of the massive team which made London 2012 such an overwhelming success, and with the £6bn legacy project beginning to transform the Olympic Park, we’re sad to see the London 2012 Water Polo arena coming down. At the same time, we’re thrilled that the Water Polo Arena has demonstrated a new way to deliver Major Sporting events with a lighter touch – more like a travelling roadshow than a massive major infrastructure project. The design has taken to an extreme the concept of a kit of parts which can be re-used and eventually recycled, but it also has taken this one step further with the concept of pre-cycling.

David Morley Architects have been working in sport for over 25 years. The opportunity to contribute to the Olympic Games and the lasting spirit of the event was greatly valued, and the excellent feedback from athletes and spectators has confirmed our convictions that great design does not require extravagant budgets.

Feedback from Team GB was "not only does the venue work superbly but it has real soul and personality".