FIVE by 5 - 'Natural Consequences'

FIVE by 5 - 'Natural Consequences' Thursday 22nd September, 5pm Venue: The Lookout, Hyde Park Using the terminology from Voice Communications protocols, where the signal quality is reported on two scales; the first for signal strength, the second for signal clarity; these scales range from one to five, where one is the worst and five is the best. The listening station reports these numbers separated with the word "by". "Five by five" therefore means a signal that has excellent strength and perfect clarity — the most understandable signal possible. David Morley Architects believe five by 5 is a useful guiding principle for architects. Quality of dialogue and communication is at the core of our design approach. It is through gaining a deep understanding of each client’s individual needs that we can work from first principles to find carefully focussed simple solutions to the most complex problems. This, the second event in the series, introduces how David Morley Architects’ design approach is influenced by natural forces. Nearest Tube: Marble Arch, Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park Corner Part of Open City's Green Sky Thinking programme RSVP