David Morley Architects have over 30 years of experience in producing environmentally sensitive buildings, pioneering the use of natural daylight in indoor playing areas. Our design process is primarily based on a strong commitment to sustainability using passive means, that is, by firstly considering building form, orientation and construction, and how it can influence and modify the environment within.

For a building to be truly sustainable it must be economically and functionally successful as well as achieving the goals of low environmental impact and low energy use, so the buildings and the installed services should be capable of change over the long-term. Our integrated approach and internal specialisms in the field of environmental design enable us to develop strategies for buildings that can enhance their environmental performance over their lifetime, creating a better asset for both our clients and their building users.

Our Environment Team provides consultancy on both DMA architectural projects and as support to other architectural practices:

Low Energy Design Strategies

Low Carbon Retrofit

BREEAM Assessments / Consultancy

Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments

Building Fabric Performance Analysis

Use of Sustainable Materials

Post Occupancy Evaluation 

David Morley Architects is certified to ISO14001.